clubs combat juggling

Calling out to all clubs jugglers! We will be hosting the first Fight Night Combat (Singapore) this November 30th during the Circus 360 event. Three club combat is the juggling sport with only one simple rule: The last person juggling wins!

Registration is now OPEN!

Combat qualification wins/losses, the knockout match scores will be sent to the official Fight Night Combat website for archival purpose.

How does the combat work?

Play all qualification matches first to 3 points.
Under 16 players: 1 group, everyone plays everyone else.
Above 16 players: 2 groups, everyone in Group plays everyone in Group B (don’t play others in the same group)

Sort players by qualification match wins.
Tie breaks (higher is better):
1. Points difference
2. Total points won
3. Head-to-head between tied players
4. Current 52 Week Rankings (5th beats 6th)
5. Highest Ever Rank
6. Number of Tournaments Entered
7. Coin Flip

Play all knockout matches first to 5 points.
Playing to 5 points doesn’t take much more time than to 3 points, as most time is wasted between points and matches. Keep things moving and it only takes about an hour to play 12 matches or about 45 minutes to play 8 matches.

More than about 16 players? 12 players go through to the knockout.
1. Playoff Match 1 to  Playoff Match 4

Fewer than about 16 players? 8 players go through to the knockout.
1. Quarter Final 1 to  Quarter Final 4

2. Semi-Final 1 & Semi-Final 2
3. Third Place Match
4. Final Match