About Us:

Social circus - Bridging Differences

Bornfire is a social circus founded in 2005, with a dedication to bridge differences through the circus. Since 2006, Bornfire produce and organise the yearly volunteers run Bornfire Festival, Singapore Circus Festival, founded Glowing Caravan, a mobile circus initiative in 2007 that worked alongside with the Burmese Camps and Tsunami victims in Thailand as well as the NGOs in Cambodia and eventually to Singapore neighbourhoods.

We had the honour to choreograph and work alongside enthusiastic youth from SOKA in SYOG opening, titled “Playing with Fire, Pushing the Limits”,the fire segment of for the Opening Ceremony of the International Youth Olympic. In 2011, Bornfire started the outreach arm - Bornfire Community Circus, ensuring the public have access to circus arts on a weekly basis.

Our training and creation space - Singapore Circus Space is housed at Kallang Community Club. Through the years of nurturing and youth empowerment, Bornfire Circus, the performing arm was born in 2016. Since then, we have been presenting new work yearly at Esplanade Theatre by the Bay Flipside Festival.

Through a common shared beliefs, the local and international circus community of practitioners, teachers and performers have helped shaped Bornfire - 11 circus festivals, over 300 circus workshops, SPROUTS; intensive circus program, circus creations and cross-disciplinary exchange between passionate practitioners of various art forms, world-class performances, in-depth talks and panel discussions, and international cultural exchange.

New Projects:

Currently on brain storming process for Flipside Festival 2023.

The Team


The backbone of Bornfire Singapore.

Circus Training


We train at the Singapore Circus Space.

Circus Festival


Bornfire Festival is a volunteer-run circus festival in Singapore.

Circus Outreach


These are tailored circus programs suitable for everyone.