Lina Heng



Who is Lina?

The lost explorer who came across circus arts in 2015.
My encounter with circus happened through my Architecture dissertation covering the activation of public spaces, such as Parking Day. Some circus practitioners had joined the event to share circus and I was invited to understand their training and what kind of spaces they required.

“Beneath the calm and quiet demeanour is a real circus act”

The intrigue of Circus?

What keeps me going is the Circus Community, sharing skills, and the satisfaction of Self-discovery – the body’s ability to learn complex skills never thought possible before.

Loves exploring cities, being part of circus festivals and gawking at incredulous skills of jugglers and acrobats at events such as European Juggling Convention (EJC).

My early foray into performance involved Fire Staff & Dragon Staff, Juggling and Diabolo.
Inspired by Circus Artists invited to Bornfire Festivals, I am currently on the long journey of picking up hand-balancing and the Cyr Wheel!