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See you 31st May to 9th June at the Esplanade Flipside festival!

Aerial Open Stage 2024
Circus Open Stage 2024
Convergence - our new production
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The Introduction to Rola Bola Workshop

Our Story

Our similarities bring us to a common ground; our differences allow us to be fascinated by each other - Tom Robbins

Bornfire is a circus collective founded in 2005, with a dedication to bridge differences through the circus. Since its inception in 2006, Bornfire has conducted 11 circus festivals, over 300 circus workshops, SPROUTS; intensive circus program, circus creations and cross-disciplinary exchange between passionate practitioners of various art forms, world-class performances, in-depth talks and panel discussions, and international cultural exchange.


31 May 2024, Fri, 7pm & 9.30pm
1 Jun 2024, Sat, 7pm & 9.30pm
2 Jun 2024, Sun, 7pm & 9.30pm

In the existence of a singular structure lies the complex interplay of functions that diverge in various directions. As Diana Khoi Nguyen aptly stated, ‘.. the hand which wipes away a tear is also the hand which wields a hammer.' Convergence delves into the delicate balance between cohesion and discord, as performers endeavor to reconcile these fragmented pieces of life, crafting an interconnected entity through the utilization of space, shadows, and circus props.

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