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fight night combat Singapore 2019

Fight Night Combat was spearheaded by Luke Burrage and we were excited to launch a Singapore debut last November as part of the Circus 360 program. It was a special Circus 360 as we celebrated the event with international friends from Psycusix (Malaysia), Naoya Aoki (Japan), Yosuke Ikeda (Japan) and Maksim (Belarus).

Ist Place: Jonathan Goh

Second Place: Aifique Khaikal

3rd Place: Vasu Kaker

Combat qualification wins/losses, the knockout match scores will be sent to the official Fight Night Combat website for archival purpose.

How does the combat work?

Play all qualification matches first to 3 points.
Under 16 players: 1 group, everyone plays everyone else.
Above 16 players: 2 groups, everyone in Group plays everyone in Group B (don’t play others in the same group)

Sort players by qualification match wins.
Tie breaks (higher is better):
1. Points difference
2. Total points won
3. Head-to-head between tied players
4. Current 52 Week Rankings (5th beats 6th)
5. Highest Ever Rank
6. Number of Tournaments Entered
7. Coin Flip

Play all knockout matches first to 5 points.
Playing to 5 points doesn’t take much more time than to 3 points, as most time is wasted between points and matches. Keep things moving and it only takes about an hour to play 12 matches or about 45 minutes to play 8 matches.

More than about 16 players? 12 players go through to the knockout.
1. Playoff Match 1 to  Playoff Match 4

Fewer than about 16 players? 8 players go through to the knockout.
1. Quarter Final 1 to  Quarter Final 4

2. Semi-Final 1 & Semi-Final 2
3. Third Place Match
4. Final Match