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Jackie Siau

Jackie Siau



I am a Taiwanese Diabolo street performer, graduated from Shih Hsin University, majoring in Media course. I have 10 years of Diabolo experience and has been a Diabolo coach for more than five years.
In addition to having a deep interest in Diabolo performances, I also have a strong enthusiasm for the inheritance of this traditional Chinese skills of Diabolo. I hope that in the future, we will be able to teach Diabolo courses in all primary schools in Singapore.

In the field of art, I firmly believe: Creativity is unlimited, don’t stop learning

Currently I am working as a education consultant in Singapore. After I came to Singapore to work, I joined the Bornfire Circus. Through the communication with the members, I increased my knowledge of acrobatics and found that there are actually more things that can be integrated with Diabolo.